Ammo Feeding Problem

As for that feed problem, you may just have an ammo problem. The first thing to keep in mind is all leveraction, pump action and semi-auto guns are ammo length and bullet shape sensitive. These pistol cal lever action rifles are a lot like semi-auto pistols. There's just some ammo it's not going to work with.

You don't think about it much if you are dealing with a rifle cal. Most of those are bottleneck calibers. Bottlenecks always feed better than straightwall ammo, whether it is a rifle cal or a pistol cal. That's because you have a small diameter bullet going into a really big hole by comparison, the bottleneck chamber being much like a funnel. The original Winchester 92's were designed to work with bottleneck ammo in the 1.5" to 1.6" OAL with round nose flat point bullets. Ammo like 44-40, 38-40, 32-20 and 25-20. What that means is they don’t work well with really long 357’s or really short 38’s or bullet shapes other than the round nosed flat point lead they were designed for. These problems shows up the most with the modern short straight-wall revolver cals. and it's even more common with cals like 38/357m and 44spec/44mag because of the diverse selection of ammos to choose from.

Another thing I’m finding is poor crimps on the case mouth that leave a sharp edge that drags on the top inside of the chamber. You can re-crimp factory ammo to help cure this problem.

A lot of folks are buying a hand press just for that.

Click on the picture to see a Lee Breech Lock Hand Press Kit on Amazon.
These are great for apartment dwellers or doing some quick loading at the range.
You can generally find them pretty much at any of the places that sell loading equipment. Usually you can find them on eBay pretty cheap as well.

Click here for a quick search on eBay for it

If you are not a handloader Below is info on ammo that may cure your problem.

For years I directed my rifle customer to "T" ammo for his 1.5" cowboy 38's. this style ammo works really well in these guns.

But, Roy retired so then I was recommending Ammo Direct.

Well...they are out of business at least temporarily. (had a fire I believe)

So...Here is the new source.




Email: landjb7@charter.net

They sell this ammo, some in 357mag and will also reload your brass.

As for 357mag, the best feeding I’ve found is the Hornady 357 Mag 140 gr FTX® LEVERevolution

All that said, I know I can improve your gun. I just can’t promise that I can make it feed everything you want it to feed. If you would like to send it include some samples of the ammo you want to use. Hand load some dummies if you are a handloader.