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How to Create a new account

Creating an account is pretty simple on Steve's Gunz. (Remember: By creating an account on the site, we will NOT spam or otherwise bother you. We also don't sell or give out any of your info either. We just like playing and working on the cool guns. No time for any of that other nonsense.)

Here's how to create an account:
  1. Click on the tab that says, "Log In/Register." then when the page pops up...
  2. Scroll down where it says "New? Please Provide Your Billing Information."
  3. Skip Company name if you are a regular person like me.
  4. Click the little circle next to "Mr" or "Mrs"
  5. Then type in your first name where it asks you.
  6. Type in your last name where it asks you.
  7. Type in your street address where you get your mail.
    (something like 1234 E 5th or something)
  8. If you have more address info like Apt 99, enter it in the address line 2.
  9. Type in the city.
  10. Type in the state.
  11. Type in your Zip code.
  12. Country should already have the good ole U.S.A. in it.
  13. Type in your phone number. (is used if we have trouble with your order)
  14. You can skip the fax number if you want.
  15. Type in your email address.
    (This is really important as it becomes your login name)
  16. Type in your email address again.
    (This is a verification process to make sure your email was entered right)
  17. Type in a password with at least 5 characters. It remembers if you use capital letters or lower case letters.
    So remembering this is important. (something like 'JBsAcoolGuy55' or something)
  18. Type in your password again to be sure we got it right.
  19. You can omit checking the Newsletter stuff 'cause Steve says he's too busy to mess with making one.
  20. Click on the submit button.
Wo-lah! your account is created! You're in!

You will receive a confirmation email to the email address you gave us to be sure we got the right email address. Sometimes it takes a while to come, so be patient.

All you have to do the next time you come to StevesGunz site is Login.
You do that by clicking on the 'Log In' link, and entering your email and password you gave us when you created your account.

Let me know if you are having any other problems by emailing me at

Thanks and happy plinking!