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Dovetail Blank Too Small

The current Rossi's have standard 3/8X60 degree cuts but they still don't spend a lot of time fitting the sights. If the dovetail cut in the barrel is too big it's because they hammered the Rossi sights in and swedged the dovetails out.

Look at the dovetail from the side and you will see the metal is pushed up. Now, you need to do some Gunsmithing to grow some metal.

Start by pushing the tops of the dovetail down with a flat face punch and hammer gently work across the dovetail . The new sight will cover these marks.

Stippling the bottom of the sight works too, but worst case you may need to shim under the new sight.

NOTE: Whatever you do resist the urge to stipple the bottom of the dovetail in the barrel if it's a big bore like a 44 or 45 cal. If you get carried away you can actually damage the bore.

On a side note, I've seen Rossi's that had tight spots in the bore because Rossi forced the poorly fitted sights in.