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FYI: we no longer process orders outside of the United States.
We have Gun Stocks! (But, why would you want one?) would want to replace your factory gun stock because the Rossi "mystery wood" gun stock is soft and tends to crack at the wrist under recoil, and overtime it will probably even shrink some.
The walnut stocks are harder, and tighter grained and tend to hold up better over time.
The laminated stocks do even better because they are impregnated with epoxy resin making them more like synthetic stocks but look way better.

Get yours while we got em and before you have to.
"No GunSmithing" Red Dot Sight with Single Slot Picatinny Rail Package are Available! Bring your 1892 levergun in to the 21st century. For really fast sight acquisition in low light conditions this Mini red dot reflex sight sits on the single slot picatinny rail that mounts in the existing rear sight dovetail. This red dot reflex sight is designed for pistol mounting so it’s small and sets low for a good cheek weld. It'll surely help ya hit what you're aimin at.

"No GunSmithing" Saddle Rings are here! Saddle rings give your Rossi a bit of a "Finished" look and make your rifle look more authentic.

These are my "No GunSmithing" Saddle Rings... and Yep, you can install them yourself without having to pay a gunsmith do it for you.

DIY Saddle Ring
Installation Instructions

"Stainless shown"

Big Loops are back - BUT HURRY! Well...I've heard ya!
I finally was able to get some Big Loop Levers in. BUT... There are only a small number of them.

So... If you want em, you better act fast! Because when they're gone, it'll probably be a while before they're back.

To find them...LOOK Under GunParts | Rossi 92/Ranch Hand, or click below. I said, if you want some, hurry...
There may be some that are now "sold-out" and on back-order. The others are running out just like I warned you. And...currently, I'm not exactly sure when the next order will come in.
A note about the Rossi Ranch Hand: I've been getting quite a few inquires about if my Rossi parts fit the Ranch Hand. The Rossi Ranch Hand is really nothing more than a cut down Rossi 92 rifle. So yes, all my parts work for it as well.
Credit Cards: I get a lot of emails about the credit cards we accept. We take Visa and Master Card only. No Discover or American Express. I'm not going to go into the reasons why, just know that these are the ones that work here.

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So...since we don't retain any of your credit card information, you will have to enter it again each time you buy something. I hope this isn't too much of an inconvenience for you, but I believe it better protects you and me from all the on-line weirdness that is going on these days.
PayPal: As you probably heard, I'm NOT accepting PayPal payments at all anymore.
PayPal is very gun UNFRIENDLY, and will gladly freeze any account they feel like along with whatever money is currently in the account. It's simply not worth the risk. I'm sorry, if this is an issue for you.

*** Please allow 10 days to 2 weeks for delivery on all orders ***

Oh, Almost forgot. Just in case you need it... This link: CLICK HERE will take you to guns that I have up for auction. and this link: CLICK HERE will take you to my Main Site.

For those who like to know, I have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

FOREIGN ORDERS - Orders outside the USADue to circumstances beyond our control, we will no longer process orders outside of the United States. We appreciate your past business and regret that we will not be able to continue taking orders from other countries.

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