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How the Calendar Program Works:

*** Gun Work by Appointment ***

Because of two hurricanes (Rita & Ike), two knee, a shoulder operation and a bout with throat cancer, in the last few years, my Turn Around Time (TAT) has become pretty far out. In some cases my TAT has run over 10 months. We've tried several options, but what seems to work the best is a "Work Calendar Program." The Work Calendar Program will shorten the time you are without your gun, and allow me to concentrate on my work without a lot of customer guns just sitting around waiting for work and taking up space.

To reserve a space on the Work Calendar, we require A NON REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT OF $50 PER GUN. This deposit applies toward the work to be done. Send a deposit for each gun along along with a completed Work Request Calendar Printout. (LINK) Be sure to include your email address as you will be sent a "CG Date number" for your order. The CG stands for "Calendar Gun" and the date number corresponds to the date we received your deposit, not when to send your guns. When we are about ready to work on your gun(s), we will send you an email for you to sent them. When you send your gun(s) the CG number MUST be marked on the OUTSIDE of all boxes containing your gun(s).

Once you send your gun(s), I will do the work and return it in four to six weeks.

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