PEEP SIGHT Install Instructions

This info applies to my Adjustable Bolt-Mounted Peep Sight Safety Replacement and Button Style Safety Replacement Plug as well.

It’s easy. You don't even have to take the bolt out of the gun. Just open the bolt enough to get to the pin that retains the stock safety.
(see that hole?)

Usually, you drift the pin out from the left side out to the right. Take the stock safety parts out and install the button or peep sight base so that the indention lines up with the pin hole. Drift the pin back in from the right then screw the sight stem into the base to set elevation.

You have a loose peep sight base? Yes, that does happen.
It’s almost impossible to manufacture the sight bases to fit them all, because Rossi has been making these 92's with the safety on the bolt now for 20 years and they aren’t known for their fine fit and finish. So...the holes tend to vary just slightly from gun to gun and year to year. The diameter of the big hole will vary and the position of the pin hole will too.
When I run on to one that’s loose like that, what I do is take the base piece back out, then turn it at least 90 degree, put it back in and scratch a mark in it though the pin hole there on the side. (It helps if you use a sharpie on it so the mark shows up better). Then I just file a slightly shallower notch where the mark is so the pin fits tighter. Then when you put the pin back in it helps tighten it all up.

If you decide to go with the Adjustable Bolt-Mounted Peep Sight Safety Replacement you will need to remove the barrel mounted rear site and install the Dovetail Slot Blank
If you have a current production Taurus/Braztech round barrel carbine you will also need Plug Screws for Rossi 92 rifles.

Hope this helps, Pard.

Your gun still has the original ¼ cock safety on the hammer.