Ejector Spring


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Ejector Spring

Because the ejector spring is the heart of the action work some folks have cut coils off but this sometimes causes the gun not to eject properly. This is because the spring does not have much travel to start with and if it’s cut, over time, they tend to take a set and no longer work. I have the proper replacement for it. It’s as long as the original but the wire size is smaller. Works with the Ranch hand also.

A word of caution, installing just this spring alone may not work if you don’t follow the instructions in the DVD as to how to fit the parts and verify they work outside the gun before you assemble it.

If you are doing a full action job on your rifle, consider getting the DIY Action Job KIT which includes the DVD, special ejector spring and the metal mag tube follower.

  • Model: EJS-92

James P.
5 of 5 Stars
This is the spring Rossi should have used in the first place. Brass comes out and lands at your feet, not ten feet away.

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