Adjustable Bolt-Mounted Blue Peep Sight Safety Replacement

Clayton G.
This is a shottily made product. Perhaps for cowboy action shooting it is okay, but the standard buckhorn sight is quicker anyway. To make a long story short, the sight shifts back and forth which ruins any chance of repeatable accuracy. Also the steel is cheap, each adjustment of the sight weakens it. While making an adjustment, the sight snapped and $60 went down the drain

Just got one of these for my 24" octagon barrelled M92. Installed easily, works great for these old eyes. Would like to have another half rotation on the threads to drop the peep just a bit more but it's very functional.

David P.
Perfect for a Rossi Ranch Hand!!!

My father in law gave me his .45 Colt ranch hand for some work I did at his shop. He couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn with it. I did some research and found out about the sights being just wrong and decided to fix the problem, that was 4 years ago and my father in law has since passed away. I only shot a few rounds and put it away with the thought of getting different sights someday.

My parts package from Steve’s arrived today 2-21-19 and within an hour I had swapped out everything.

WHAT A DIFFERENCE, POA is now POI. If you’re on the fence and not sure it’s worth the money take the plunge, you won’t be dissatisfied! I coupled it with the taller “small ivory bead” front sight and bought the extra peep aperture kit. Well worth every penny!

I can finally put lead on target! THANKS STEVE!!!!

Kerry O.
Outstanding upgrade to my Rossi 92. I hated the factory sights and tried the hi-viz and wasn’t satisfied. This peep sight nearly doubles your sighting plane on the 16” models and greatly improves accuracy. Could not be happier with this product.