Adjustable Bolt-Mounted Blue Peep Sight Safety Replacement


I installed this sight on my Rossi R92 .357 with a 24" octagonal barrel. When I first tried to install the sight, it was a very loose fit such that it was essentially unusable. It wobbled side to side some but also could be rotated back and forth in the hole quite a bit. I looked through the pin hole and saw that when the bushing was rotated so that the clearance groove didn't match up, there was very little of the bushing protruding into the pin hole.

The bushing's clearance groove was too deep to create a snug fit when the pin was installed. So using a small needle file, I made a MUCH smaller groove on the opposite side of the bushing. When I drove the retention pin in the bushing was now held firmly in place, no wobble at all. This is something that you might mention in the installation instructions.

The sight picture is soo much better than with the stock rear sight. Overall, a valuable addition to any Rossi with a bolt mounted safety.
Date Added: 09/17/2022 by Thomas K.