Shipping & Returns

Shipping Instructions

I use FedEx Ground. They have been somewhat gun friendly in my experience, but you can use the shipper of your choice. If there are any questions from the shipper, my FFL number is: 5-74-281-01-6J-06450 and the shipper can check my license using this ATF link: FFL eZCheck Because of the security concerns since 9/11 shipping a gun is getting harder to do. If the shipper on your end is giving you trouble, I offer a drop off service. The way it works is, I send you a label on my FedEx Ground account, you attach it to the box and drop it off at the FedEx Ground counter in your area. With you using my account number on the package, I have not had any problems. Figure an additional $30 S&H for this service. I can arrange for pickup for $15 more. Please be sure to include the completed form below with your gun so I will know who the gun belongs to. Make sure to include your telephone number as I may need to contact you. Include a brief note about your reason for sending me the gun, especially if you want something more than an action job or if you are having any problems. TURN AROUND TIME: For fastest turn around time, work must be pre-paid by including a check or Money Order with the gun. Be sure to include $30 S&H for the first gun, $15 for each additional gun. If you are a Texas resident, add 8.25% sales tax. ***

Due to increased demand, the turn around times (TAT) are currently running around 8-10 months.

PACKING: To pack a rifle, take the butt stock off and keep it so it doesn't get broken, scratched or lost. Please do not pack your gun in Styrofoam peanuts. Heavy items like guns tend to shift through the peanuts during transit and may break through the cardboard. A better method is to wrap your gun in bubble wrap or a plastic garbage sack then fill the space in the box with wadded up single sheets of newspaper to keep the gun from shifting. Side by side Shotguns should be broken down. Takedown Win 97 shotguns should be taken down if the takedown still works. Long guns with stocks on them should be double boxed. Adding an extra piece of heavy cardboard or two to the inside of the box on the rifle's skinny end also helps prevent breakthroughs. If you are sipping a handgun, contact me first, for handgun shipping info. TRACKING: Just remember, I need your help tracking your gun. You have one gun or so to keep up with at your place, but, I could have 300 guns here at any one time. So please be patient and fill out the Work Request Form with all the information it asks for. Be SURE to include your real name. The paperwork needs your real name on it to properly track your gun. This is especially true if you send a check. I have had to hold off working on or shipping a gun because I can't trace the gun to the check. So help me out here. PRINT OUT the "Work Request Form," FILL IT OUT and SHIP IT ALONG WITH YOUR GUN TO:

Steve Young 205 Antler Lane Lampasas, TX 76550 (512)564-1015

*** IMPORTANT: ***