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This ejector will work in all the Rossi 92’s. But, it will require fitting.

Rossi has been making the 92 copy since the 60’s. Their specs have been all over the place. So, I make these ejectors slightly oversized to be fitted. Because they are oversize they will also work in the original Winchester, the current Japanese made Miroku Wins, the Browning B92’s as well as the Chiappa/ ASM 92’s.

It will require fitting. If you don’t feel confident in fitting it you can send your parts to me and I will not only fit the new ejector but I will also install my ejector spring and tune your extractor and lever friction stub.

These items are the heart of the action work. I will need your breech bolt, ejector collar, the finger lever and the lever to bolt pin.

I offer this service for $175.00 new ejector included. Call or email me.

  • Model: EJ-92

Joseph M.
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This part worked perfectly in my Rossi 92 but does require a great deal of fitting to your bolt. This fitting operation can be performed with a set of small files, some 400 grit sand paper and a few hours of time. Take measurements of the original ejector and stay as close to those measurements as possible. If the ejector is binding in its recess, you can use a pen light behind the bolt with the ejector installed as far a possible to see where it is binding in the bolt face recess and fit accordingly.

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