Rossi 92 - DIY Action Job KIT
[DVDComboPak 1]


Arthur A.
I bought Steves kit and DVD years ago for one Rossi I had that was AWFUL. After following directions and re-springing it I was AMAZED. Those rifles were only $400 at the time and I ended up with five in various calibers and used Steve’s kits on them all. My buddies could not believe how smooth they were, how they fed anything I threw at them, etc. If I needed more Rossi’s I would definitely stop here first.

Art Armfield
Alanson, MI

P.S. - I would have given 5 stars but it was greyed out…

Steve L.
I got my Rossis NIB back in 2009 and soon bought Steve's Kit as well as added parts for the second rifle. The DvD is very well done explaining and showing exactly what to do.

The parts are well made and fit well. The actions and triggers were now slick and smooth and the brass didn't stray far. Great kit and very happy with the results.

So, now 11 years and over 6K rds each later, what do I think about the kits? They are still hands down the best thing you can do for your Rossi. Steve's products are first rate, period.

Repairing or working on Firearms isn't new to me, I am a Armorer for a Law Enforcement agency.
I found the DVD very helpful and thorough. If you are a Rossi 92 owner, this is a definite "Must Have".
Great KIT Steve.

Michael K.
Very informative. I was able to disassemble, clean, and modify my .357 r92. The ability to rewind and watch segments multiple times was a big help. Steve does a great job explaining and gives some helpful tips and tricks!

John D.
This was worth every penny! Great step by step explanation and instruction. My Rossi 92 (45 Colt) is running slicker than snot on a doorknob. I would highly recommend this kit!

Great job Steve!

Ruben C.
The DVD is extremely informative, I know I watched it several times to get the general picture of the 92 operating parts , the parts modifications are easy to do and there was a considerable difference in the operation of my 92 , very smooth , the enclosed ejection spring made a big difference, the metal magazine plug gave me peace of mind not having to worry about breaking up with usage
Highly recommend
Ruben C